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About Us

Our History And Abilities

We have more than 10 years experience in transportation and trading. If you are looking for a transportation company that will be expert in transportation and the issue of transport documents, we are the same who you expect to find them. We are transport your cargo from departure to destination with one or several shipment methods of rail, truck and sea. Also, we are very active in trading field and have many good friends in most factories that have a business contract with them with a competitive offer. You can see our activities fields in below.

Export and Import shipment from Iran to CIS countries, Afganistan and other points (vice versa).

Transit shipment via main borders and ports from Iran to CIS countries, Afganistan and other neighboring countries (vice versa).

Transit shipment from any port in anywhere to Iran via Bandar Abbas port and other ports in another countries (UAE, China, India etc.).

Internal shipment in Iran from any port or border to other cities.

Trading of cement, potato, ... cargoes.

Whole of Chelypa's aim is for providing excellent customer service so that keeps customers coming back and make them satisfied and happy.

We are pioneer in attract many projects and finish them successfully such as cement, steel structure, potato and other goods.

We have agencies in Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan so that they are directly expeditors and have a contract with railway that's the reason of our competitive offer.

We have collected the expert and hard workers in our group until the best services would be provided to customers. So, please give us the responsibility of trade and transportation of your cargo in peace.


Potato, Cement, Steel Structures, Bitumen, Tile etc.


Rail, Truck, Sea, Air, Multimodal, Trading, Engineering, Cargo Insurance, Warehousing, Tracing.