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Rail Freight Services

Chelypa group is a cargo delivery company specially in rail shipment with several branches in CIS countires such as Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Chelypa will offer a competitive rate at the shortest time.
The major routes of activities have brought in the following.

  • From Iran to CIS and vice versa through internal borders (Sarakhs & Inche Boroun)
  • From Iran to Turkey and vice versa through Razi border
  • From Turkey to CIS and vice versa through internal borders of Iran (Razi, Sarakhs, Inche Boroun)
  • From CIS to Afghanistan & vice versa
  • From CIS to CIS
  • From Iran to Mongolia and vice versa

Our rail freight services include:

  • Rail freight offer for Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan & Russia territories.
  • Providing of all type of wagon such as covered, high edged, refrigerated, cistern, platforms in both type of MPS and SPS for export and transit shipments from Iran to CIS and Afghanistan
  • Suggestion of the optimal transportation route and selection suitable rolling stock.
  • Carrying 20’ and 40’ containers to CIS and returning the empty container from CIS stations to Iran
  • Shipping all kinds of commodities (dangerous, huge, oversize and herbal etc.) and obtaining all necessary permissions from the relevant organization.
  • Export shipment from Iran to all stations in CIS, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan territories.
  • Import shipment to Iran from all stations in CIS, Turkey, Afghanistan and Pakistan territories.
  • Transit shipment via Iran (Bandar Abbas port, Sarakhs exp, Incheboroun exp, Anzali port, Razi exp, Boushehr port, Mirjaweh exp, Imam Khomeini port) to all stations in CIS, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan.
  • All operation services relevant of cargo such as loading, lashing and unloading (wagon to wagon, wagon to truck & truck to wagon) in departure. (of course, for any departure stations that we have any agent at there)
  • Consultation and issuing of transportation documents (SMGS, invoice and packing list).
  • Setting up the wagons in route stations
  • Providing daily tracing reports
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